#AOPA T/O and Ldg Videos

AOPA has excellent takeoff and landing videos online.

Air Safety Institute has been Tweeting safety picks recently and No. 5 takes you to AOPA’s page of Safety Videos, including 3 on takeoffs and landings.  When you watch them, consider my key take aways below:


  • Consider engine age and condition in performance calculations
  • Use all available resources to select an abort point before strapping in, i.e. airport diagram, photos, walking the runway
  • Think ahead, don’t just react to the influence of power change and wind
  • Attitude = airspeed
  • Every takeoff is an opportunity to practice precision, e.g. stay on centerline

Short Field Landing

  • More flaps => increased drag => greater rate of descent
  • Short field landings are really about precision in the landing point
  • More weight on the wheels (flaps up on touchdown) => greater deceleration

What are your key take aways?


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What say you?