About SaferAviator.net

Aviators tend to be storytellers.  We weave tales, possibly embellished, of the darkest nights, thickest clouds, and toughest situations for our laughing friends over a drink.  Accident investigators tell stories too, but they write long reports in official language detailing facts and scientific conclusions without laughter or beer.  Both groups have lessons to share, pilots in the decisions and escapes made, and investigators through the words of 150-page documents to prevent future accidents.  SaferAviator.net was created to bring the two a little closer together.  You can sit at home with your beverage of choice and read a short post from a fellow pilot about one causal or contributing factor described in an accident report with my commentary, then take the lesson with you the next time you fly.  Enjoy and Read Before Flight!

Marty is an active duty military helicopter pilot based in the eastern United States.  He has a Master of Aeronautical Science specializing in Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems and Management and a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering.


SaferAviator exists, in part, to encourage healthy discussion on aviation safety matters.  Comments should be respectful and relevant to the current topic.  SaferAviator’s detailed Comment Policy can be found on the Legal Matters page.