Know Thy Limits

Each Pilot Must Know Their Limitations

Over the past week, we’ve seen Flying Magazine’s Tip of the Week entitled “Yellow, the Most Dangerous Color,” @atsbinfo tweet an Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin about a pilot who was not prepared for the challenging conditions where he tried to land, and @AviationSafety and others tweet about the Canadair crash in Aspen.  While the Aspen accident is under investigation, windshear is likely to be a factor.  Assuming this is true, all three stories share weather-related decision making as a common theme.

Many of us would like to think we are ace of the base, but have to admit, if only to ourselves, we have limits.  This must be a conscious decision.  Flying’s Stephen Pope @Steve_Flying recommends establishing personal minimums.  Looking at the ATSB Bulletin, this should include crosswind limits.  Without making judgements about the Canadair accident, certain decisions should be made in advance.  Like whether or not to attempt a landing at all in conditions that looked like they did in Aspen on Sunday.

Aside from regulations, I have a very subjective sounding if-it-gets-too-hard rule.  What personal flying limits do you have?

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What say you?