Figure It Out Yet?

NTSB photo from Lake Koshkonong

Have you figured it out yet?  You know, where they will find the wreckage.  What the “experts” will speculate in the media.  What the investigation will say.  No, I’m not talking about Malaysian 370.  


I’m talking about you crashing your own plane or helicopter.  There are two possible scenarios here:

1) Maybe you are a risk taker.  Do you regularly risk flying VFR into IMC?  How about takeoff or landing in challenging crosswinds?  Do you op test your fuel gauge to see how low it can read without running out of fuel?  Ever try to show off for someone on the ground or in the aircraft with you?

2) Maybe there is an emergency or procedure that scares you and you prefer not to think or talk about it.  

In the first case, stop being stupid.  Outside the military environment, there is absolutely no reason to risk your life.  Even in the military, hazards are meticulously managed.  Ask yourself how the accident report will read if you do push Just a bit . . . further.  

In the second, you need to practice.  Use visualization, a simulator, a more skilled friend, an instructor, or whatever it takes to overcome the fear.  Take every opportunity to build your skill.  No matter the maneuver or procedure, the one that scares you the most should be among your best.  

Regardless of which category you fall into, get educated.  I write SaferAviator for that very purpose.  Whether you chose to read this blog, someone else’s safety blog, a training website, watch AOPA videos, swap stories at the FBO, or just read, get smarter than you are now.  

What will you do next to become a safer pilot?

What say you?