Land…! @HAI_Helicopters

@Av8rdan recently shared his excitement about @HELIEXPO (#HAI_EXPO14) by sharing news of Helicopter Association

Emergency Landing on the Beach from WFTV

International’s new safety program “Land and LIVE.”  Being the helo guy I am, this is near and dear to my heart. The program encourages helicopter pilots and the operators who employ them to view precautionary landings in a positive light. See the story of this helicopter on the beach. 

Whether you are a rotary or fixed wing pilot,

I encourage you to visit the “For Pilots” section of and watch the video.  A NTSB investigator talks about several accidents she or her colleagues have investigated and the poor decisions leading up to them. Additionally, she provides a list of preventive measures to keep you out of trouble. 

Landing on Lake Huron from WOOD TV


A fair amount of the video is dedicated to the topic of listening to your aircraft. Every machine makes noise and the sounds are unique. We’re not just talking soft or loud. Is it smooth or rumbling? High pitch or low? This is why I’m against active noise reduction headsets. I don’t want anything to cancel out voice of my aircraft because I can’t just pull over to the side of the sky I with a problem. But wait, there’s more! What can you feel in your hands, feet, or seat? Helo pilots become masters of this because tail rotor vibes feel different from main rotor vibes. See the story behind this photo of a plane on the ice. 

Those of you reading SaferAviator regularly might be thinking about my post All Weather is Local.  How can I write about making precautionary landings after I pressed on in low visibility while flying through the mountains? Believe me, if there had been any available landing areas for two helos, we would had done it.   

Have you every made a precautionary landing either at or away from an airfield?

What say you?