10 April 1st Crashes…No Foolin’

While my peanut gallery comments may inject a bit of sarcasm to drive points home, I decided early on SaferAviator would not be a place where pilots or others would be judged.  Sometimes, I have to bite my tongue.  Draw your own conclusions about the 10 fatal General Aviation accidents listed below.  None of them are jokes, even though they all occurred over the years on April Fool’s Day.  

  1. Cessna T210N, Riesel, TX: NTSB Accident FTW85FA171
    • After an overhaul, the mechanic instructed the pilot to go easy on the engine and stay in the pattern for about 45 minutes in order to check for oil leaks. Instead the pilot flew several miles away and performed abrupt climbs and descents. A witness saw white smoke trailing the aircraft before the engine quit.  

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